Our History

Our History

Charlie Hick (father) planning the marina

Evaluating the Basin

Digging the Marina by Hand

The Wiley Brothers Taking A Break


The history of Englewood, Florida as a fishing village is embraced at Stump Pass. Stump Pass Marina traces back to the “Hicks Marina” built in 1947 by brothers, Wiley and Harley Hicks, with help from their father, Wiley Hicks and their Uncle John. The basin, where the boats are put into the water at Hicks Marina was literally hand dug! That project took 13 years and in 1960 the marina opened.

Over the years, it had several names including “The Redfish Lodge” and later “Fishtale Marina”, when it was known for its swimming pool and snack bar. In 1970, the marina became Stump Pass Marina Inc. A Chickee hut and bar-restaurant was later added, known as the Stump Pass Grille.

In 2016, the new owners of Stump Pass Marina made significant improvements to the facility and reopened in 2017 as The Lighthouse Grill at Stump Pass. The current owners of Stump Pass Marina and Lighthouse Grill are fans of Penn State Football. The concept of buying a marina was conceived in 2010 while traveling in a motorhome to Tuscaloosa for a football game matching Penn State vs. Alabama and the owners are always quite eager to share the details of this unique story!

Our suppliers include small, family-owned fishing companies in Southwest Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, all dedicated to delivering fish and seafood with a commitment to absolute freshness, exceptional quality and with sound, sustainable practices. Truly fresh, never frozen, and locally supplied are the reasons that prices and selections vary from day to day.

In addition to our superior fish and seafood, the kitchen is proud of its “Little Red Smokehouse”, a best-in-class commercial wood-fired BBQ smoker. It’s the key to preparing our savory meats. Our cuisine consists of just-as-carefully-selected vegetables and fruits – all elements that form the basis of our menu – complimented by our impressive selection of uniquely crafted beers, tropical drinks, and wines served at the perfect temperature.

The Hicks Brothers

The Grill Location and Putting in pilings

The Lighthouse Grill today